[SOLVED] – Remove windows 10 key from the motherboard

So I recently build a new gaming pc and I installed a pirated version of Windows 10 which is pre activated. I decided that I want to use a genuine key so I tried to format it but windows is still activated even after a fresh install. According to google the key was "infused" with the motherboard. Is there a way to delete the key from the motherboard ? 

Are the versions of win 10 the same? This shows how to change your key , if they are.- https://www.windowscentral.com/how-change-product-key-windows-10 Otherwise this shows how to deactivate it on the PC – https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/35979-uninstall-product-key-deactivate-windows-10-a.html But that won\’t remove it from activation servers, and that is how it is auto activating as Servers have matched that key to your motherboard. If it is auto activating on install, easiest way to stop it is not be connected to internet when you install. Then at end you could enter the key you want to use on the settings/update & security/activation screen. 

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