[SOLVED] – Selling my desktop… how do I manage my Windows 10 license?

I built my own desktop and purchased an OEM version of Windows 10. I used the product key to active the license and then created a Microsoft account that linked the product key to my account. Which was great because I was then able to install a copy on my old laptop as well. (To be specific, I installed the original Windows 10 on a 128GB SSD, then switched that SSD into my laptop, and then installed the same license on a new 256GB SSD for my desktop).So this is what I want to do: sell my gaming desktop but still keep the license that I have for my laptop AND use the same license to install it on a new work desktop that I want to build. Can it be done? Or will I not be able to install it on a new desktop? 

JaxAgain said:The original drive was destroyed and along with it went the Windows 7 version I had on it. I slipped in an SSD that I had originally purchased for my desktop.Click to expand…If you still have that windows 7 product key sticker, on the laptop, you can do a fresh install of Windows 10, using media creation tool, and use that product key, to upgrade to 10, for free, freeing up you desktop license, for another system. 


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