[SOLVED] – Windows 7 Product Key not working after new build

I just tried to build a new gaming machine, and discovered that, in all likelihood, the CPU I\’ve had sitting in a box for years was no good anymore, so I had to put everything back in the old Dell I\’d been using to tide me over until I can confirm that and get a new processor. However the stress of pulling components in and out of that old box has caused the motherboard to start faulting, I believe, and I started having enough trouble that I decided to switch to another old machine lying around for the time being. Did so, and of course with the new hardware my copy of Windows 7 needed to be reactivated. Only I got this error message instead, "Type a different product key for activation, the product key you typed cannot be used to activate Windows on this computer". Its the same copy of Windows I\’ve been using forever, I bought the install disk years ago, its sitting right here on the desk in front of me. When I finally got Microsoft support on the phone, he had me try a command in the run dialog box, SLUI 4 and hit enter, he said. I didn\’t see any change. I still get the same error box. He said I needed to call a local technician because they don\’t support Windows 7 anymore. Current machine is a Dell Precision 390, stock outta the box pretty much. Any suggestions? 

Even though the Dell Precision 390 was an XP computer, if the hardware supports Windows 7, it should support Windows 10. So rather than having to waste money on a Windows 7 license, you could go with Windows 10; further Windows 10 works in most ways without a license. Try to do an install and see. https://forums.tomshardware.com/faq/how-to-do-a-clean-installation-of-windows-10.3170366/ 

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