[SOLVED] – Windows deactivated itself after an absolute tsunami of technical disasters, product key nowhere on PC

So the story begins in August 2020.I thought I was clever and installed Ubuntu 20.04 to replace Windows on my prebuilt HP Z220 Workstation. The copy of windows WAS activated and WAS windows 10.Then the disk died. So I installed Ubuntu again.Long story short one day Ubuntu was suddenly incompatible with my PC (even though i did nothing) and half the motherboard was effectively unusable.Installing Windows 10 fixed this but now it\’s deactivated .This sounds like a me problem but I went to Ubuntu for various reasons, such as the fact that Windows was glitching my computer out, and it needed reinstalled. I didn\’t have a windows installer on hand by then, so I installed Ubuntu. This still might be a "me" problem though 

Fatalzo said:The copy of windows WAS activated and WAS windows 10.Click to expand…any pc thats had win 10 on it should allow you to reinstall it. Putting Ubuntu on the drive should have no effect as the details of the activation are stored on Microsoft servers, or on motherboard, never on the storage drive.storage drives die, it happens, so marrying the licence to a drive would just be evil.if you have the key on the PC, you should contact Microsoft as they should have record of the activation. They might want an email address, They can fix activation from their end. 


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