[SOLVED] – Windows Key/Search Hangs Gaming PC and have to hold power to reboot *URGENT*

Hi guys,Going to keep this as detailed as possible to avoid any confusion.I\’ve recently built a Gaming PC for around ¬£1800, all new parts (specs listed below).i9900k3070 AORUS MasterASUS Prime Z390-A INTEL 16GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance RGB RAMCorsair H150i RGB PRO CPU Liquid CoolerCorsair RM750 PSUCorsair ICUE 4000XTM.2 Samsung 970 EVO 1TB SSDThe issue I\’m experiencing:My PC runs absolutely fine with no issues and everything is connected properly, but occasionally when I press the Windows key or switch to a second monitor the PC will hang and freeze. No shortcuts work after this stage, CTRL+ALT+DEL, Shift+Tab, etc. I have to manually hold the power button and wait for the PC to restart and there\’s a 50/50 chance it will do the same thing again after using it for 30 minutes. Fixes I\’ve tried:Fresh installation of Windows 10 on the new M.2 SSD (the exact same thing happened on my old SSD as well)All graphics drivers are up to date and I\’ve also tried rolling back to a previous driver. Updated Windows 10 to the latest version and also tried rolling back to a previous version but still had the same issueUpdated BIOS to the latest versionTold the PC to never go to sleep and selected the high performance power planCleared all temp files and ran sfc/scannow to fix any corrupted files and ran disk clean upPlease if anyone has any suggestions or are experiencing similar issue let me know so we can get this fixed. 

Keyboard: Make and model?Have you update the keyboard drivers?Try another known working keyboard on your PC.Try your keyboard on another known working PC.Determine if the problem follows the keyboard or stays with the PC.Look in Reliability History for error codes and warnings that correspond with the times the PC hangs and freezes.Reliability History has a timeline format that can be very helpful in picking a a problem.,Event Viewer can also be used for look for errors. Not as user friendly but you may find some related errors therein. 

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