Spring Festival Sale: Best Time To Get Windows 10 PRO Cheap At $7.89!

The Windows and Office had already become part of our career and digital life. Windows 10 and Office 2019 are commonly used but considered their heavy price, some free alternatives like pirate and activator have become optional choices. For many years, manufacturers have allowed selling their equipment without Windows 10 OS, and the difference of price between a laptop or desktop with Windows 10 or with FreeDOS is approximately 100 euros.

However, there are also inevitable weaknesses of these free solutions: the lack of support, potential malware in activator, and security problems. Actually, there is a safe way to get a Windows 10 key at a much cheaper price, which gives consideration to both safety and budget. So let’s get into the further step and show you how to get Windows 10 Key economically.

For the lucky ones, who built a fresh new computer or want to improve working and study efficiency, you are hereby cordially invited to the Microsoft Software Happy Spring Festival Sale on Keysoff.com. Keysoff is on fire with deals in the lead up to and all throughout the whole spring this new year. The most impressive discounts for creatives were undoubtedly on the Windows operating system and Office applications:

Best Office suite Apps with unbeatable prices – for better work and study!

The original price of the Windows 10 Professional version is full of 200 Dollars – THAT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE!

48% off for MS Windows OS with coupon code SKK48:

  • Windows 10 Professional 32/64-bit CD-Key at 7.89$
  • Windows 10 Professional 32/64-bit for 2 PCs CD-Key at 12.20$
  • Windows 10 Home 32/64-bit CD-Key at 8.49$
  • Windows 10 Home 32/64-bit for 2 PCs CD-Key at 14.11$
  • Windows Server 2016 Standard CD-Key at 16.70$
  • Windows Server 2019 Standard CD-Key at 16.70$

60% off for MS Office with coupon code SKK60:

  • Office 2016 Professional Plus CD-Key at 22.31$
  • Office 2019 Professional Plus CD-Key at 28.98$
  • Office 2016 Pro + Windows 10 Pro – CD-Keys Package at 26.05$
  • Office 2019 Pro + Windows 10 Pro – CD-Keys Package at 34.38$
  • Office 2016 Pro + Windows 10 Home – CD-Keys Package at 26.32$
  • Office 2019 Pro + Windows 10 Home – CD-Keys Package at 34.43$
  • Office 2016 Home and Student CD-Key at 31.48$
  • Office 2019 Home and Student CD-Key at 32.79$
  • Office 2016 Home and Business for MAC CD-Key at 61.50$
  • Office 2019 Home and Business for MAC CD-Key at 103.72$

How to pay using PayPal?

You can pay using PayPal by the following method:

  • Go to the checkout screen and continue as a guest (or make an account).
  • You will only get the Cwalletco option by default in the \”Payment Information\” tab – click continue.
  • Go to \”Order Review\” in the checkout screen and click \”Place Order\”
  • Click on \”Choose Payment Method\” and then click on \”Process Order\”
  • You will be shown a screen with various payment options, you can now use Paypal or CreditCard (also through Paypal)
  • Keys may take up to 24 business hours to be delivered.

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