Tips to Scale and Change Text / Cursor Size on a Windows 10 Monitor 

Do you own a monitor with a massive size but can’t seem to make use of the extra screen real estate because the text is still cramped up together? Windows 10 offers the perfect fix for both, the text and the overall layout on the monitor.

Generally, if you switch from an older and smaller monitor to a larger model then your PC is likely to display the same settings on the newer one. This means that it could shrink the text and scale the overall interface according to its previous configuration. Here’s how you can zoom in to make the text and display appear larger on PC monitors in Windows 10.

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How to Make the Text Larger

  • Open the Start menu and type settings in the search bar. Click on the Settings app to proceed.
  • Select Ease of Access in the Settings menu.
  • Simply drag the slider to increase the text size under the Make text bigger menu.
  • You can view the percentage increase in text size and the preview of the text size above the slider. Click on Apply to finalize the changes once you have selected the desired text size.
  • This is the text size at 176% as compared to its original at 100% previously. Please note that this would only increase the text size whereas the overall interface would remain the same.
  • How to Make Everything Bigger

  • Open the Start menu and type settings in the search bar. Click on the Settings app to proceed.
  • Select Ease of Access in the Settings menu.
  • Scroll down to the Make everything bigger menu and select the available scaling options from the drop-down. Scaling values can vary based on the size of your monitor as it can be around 150% and more to zoom in on monitors in Windows 10.
  • The overall size of the interface increases as the screen is now scaled up at 125% instead of the default 100%.
  • How to Make the Cursor and Pointer Larger

  • You can use this feature to increase the size of your cursor as it might not be visible on a larger monitor. Click on the Cursor and pointer option in the Ease of Access menu.
  • You can now change the pointer size, color, and cursor thickness from this menu. Drag the slider beneath the Change pointer size menu to adjust the size of the pointer. It is measured in points instead of a percentage.
  • How to Zoom In On The Monitor Display

  • Choose the Magnifier option in the Ease of Access menu.
  • Toggle the switch on under Turn On Magnifier to zoom in to the screen. The shortcut to access the Magnifier is the Windows key along with the ‘+’ key. You can exit the Magnifier by pressing the Windows key + Esc key.
  • The Magnifier tool zooms in on your screen from 100% to 400%. This can be toggled on and off instantly and it can prove to be an exceptionally useful tool if your PC consists of multiple monitors with different sizes. You can also use this during screen share and presentations to zoom in on one area of the screen for improved readability.
  • This guide hopefully helped you optimize the text and interface size to prevent eye strain and set up your display for the ideal viewing experience.

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