Top 10 hidden features of Windows 10 in 2019

3. New Microsoft Office Features

The revolution of 3D doesn’t exist for the Paint only. Amazing features of Windows 7 includes the new touch Microsoft office. Microsoft PowerPoint will receive 3D models which are very useful for the presentations. MS Word, Excel and other versions have also similar models of 3D objects. Pen functionalities for Microsoft Office are also available.

4. Night Light

Windows 10 now has a “Night Light” element, which was known as “Blue Light” in prior forms of the Creators Update.

The Night Light works similar to the venerable f.lux utility. It makes shading temperatures hotter during the evening so it’s less demanding on your eyes and simpler to get the opportunity to rest directly subsequent to utilizing the PC, in principle. You can enable Light mode by following steps:

Go to Settings > SystemDisplay > Night Light

You can use the color temperature of your own desire.

5. Improved Action Center

The action center of Windows 10 rather than other Windows has increases the improvements. There are sliders for volume and brightness.

You can also expect to see improved Cortana integrations.Quick actions have increases the user’s experience.6. More Themes on Store

Windows 10 provides their users with the amazing look. Almost daily different themes for Windows 10 are available online and some of them are built-in. Desktop background, Windows color, and Screensaver have increased the interaction of users with Windows. There are many other themes; you can download amazing themes from the store. Free and paid themes are available in the store. Features of Windows 10 are increasing in a way that Microsoft is improving the user’s experience through Microsoft’s store.

7. Shoulder Tabs

The features of Windows 10 includes Shoulder tabs (it is mostly time available on your Desktop with Windows 10 update Creator).  These are basically 3D stickers and funny emoji, you can send these to your contacts. The recipient sees the little graphic pop up at the bottom of the screen.

8. Picture in Picture

Microsoft is adding picture-in-picture support to its Universal Windows Apps. We can watch the movies and TV in Windows 7 similarly the built-in Movies & TV app allows you to watch a film or TV show. There is some Microsoft own apps support picture in a picture right now.

9. Change Screen Resolution Easier

When the Windows 10 was released, it was difficult to change the screen resolution. You have to go for advanced settings then find the way to change a display of the screen. With the new features of Windows 10, Microsoft has changed its way easier for the users.

Creators update places the screen resolution drop-down in its rightful place on the Main Display settings page.10. Windows 10 Defender

Microsoft Windows Defender is the most powerful defender for Windows 10. There is also other antivirus software for Windows through which you can protect your Windows files and personal data. Windows Defender is built-in to Windows 10. There’s nothing to buy and nothing to install. No configuration, no subscriptions, and no nagware.


We have discussed lot features of Windows 10. There are many other features of Windows 10 like Windows work as an augmented reality or groove music maker. Microsoft is still working on the features of Windows 10 and helps the users to increase their experiences. There are some features you know about Windows 10. Let us know in the Comment section. We respect your feedbacks.

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