Users Begin to Leave Windows 7 – Just 2.5 Months Left Until EoS Deadline

End of an era, but 1 in 4 computers are still running Windows 7

Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. As we get closer to the deadline, more and more users and businesses have started to move to newer operating systems. New stats reveal that the market share of the operating system is dropping significantly now that the end of support deadline is almost here. As noted previously, you can still upgrade to Windows 10 for absolutely free if you have a legit Windows 7 key.

Stats from NetMarketShare reveal that Windows 7 has dropped to 26.90% with Windows 10 leading the game with a 55% share. Windows 10 gained two points, going from 52.33% to 54.32% in October. Since Windows 7 has lost almost similar share, it\’s evident that most of the Windows 7 users are choosing Windows 10 as their next operating system.

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Windows 7 will continue to exist for a long time despite end of support in 2020

It is highly unlikely that Windows 7 will go completely dark considering its ubiquitous reach in the last decade. However, with the looming end of support deadline, those who can upgrade their machines to newer operating systems will opt to do that to continue to receive updates and support.

There will, of course, be many devices (potentially in the millions) that will never be upgraded to the latest operating system and will forever remain on Windows 7, depending on user needs and/or hardware limitations to deal with a newer OS.

All in all, it\’s good news for Microsoft as it will now only have a single operating system to deal with. It\’s an entirely different concern whether the company is ready to deal with the bugs that several Windows 10 versions have been released with.

The company is reshaping its update process, delivering a smaller update this November to focus on performance improvements, moving the release of 20H1 to December (for Insiders) and Windows 10 Manganese to June 2020, along with other steps that may finally result in streamlining the update process.

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