Where do I find a product key?

I have a Sony Vaio laptop and when all laptops upgraded to window 10 we received a free upgrade. Everything was ok until I moved and for six months I didn\’t use my laptop. Now when I try to use Windows 10 it says its out-dated and to enter my product key. Where do I find a product key? 

I\’ve called MS support. Real nice guy spent 3Hrs on the phone, remotely linked to my pc, fixed all the Windows registration errors I had after first upgrade to 10pro from 7pro. It\’s working so flawlessly now I haven\’t even bothered to wipe it out and do a fresh install.I figure it\’s his job, it\’s what he gets paid to do, so use him.The only criticism I had about the whole ordeal was the amount of apologies he tendered. Every other sentence was an apology… Other than that, he was great. Very personable and clear spoken, even being, um, Malay? 

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