Will the Windows 10 Product Key stay if I do a fresh reinstall of windows 10?

So this old HP computer needs a fresh reinstall to get rid of all the files, and I was wondering:If the Windows key is already there, if I reinstall Windows 10 (I mean all the way, deleting all partitions and everything), will it still automatically recognize that there\’s still a key?Where is the product key usually held if it\’s not in the HDD? 

go to settings/update and security/activationif it says "Windows is activated with a digital license" then the license is currently still tied to your PC motherboard. When you fresh install win 10, choose "I don\’t have a key" on the page where you enter a key and win 10 will continue install and activate on completion once it contacts MS servers.If it says "Windows is activated with a digital license linked to your Microsoft account" it is tied to your email address and you will need to use same email address when installing win 10 to activate PC. You still click "I don\’t have a key" when installing.If you want to link to an email account and it currently isn\’t, see here: Reactivating win 10 on new hardwareYour license key ona win 10 PC is a dumby code. The actual license info is stored on a MIcrosoft server alongside your old license code, possibly an email address, and details of PC it was last installed on 

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