Win 10 partitioning and product key

Hi, so I havent updated an OS since Win 7, so Im kind of scared. I know that I will recieve a automatic update as in with a launcher but heres the question. How do I perform a clean install? Do I need to upgrade first and then burn the OS in to a USB and update through that? Wont I require a product key? Also will it mess up my partition? I have it at 300gb for the C drive and 700 for the D drive. (I have win 7 Ultimate legaly, the update icon says I still need to wait and I will but I found the files in my C drive). Sorry for the typos, english isint my native language.Thank you 

I think what\’s supposed to happen is you upgrade and the system issues a generic Windows 10 key depending on the version of Windows 10, then when you activate Windows 10, you\’ll get a unique product key but there seems to be a few problems with activating and then when you do manage to activate, a unique key isn\’t being issued and you\’re stuck with the generic one. The only workaround at the moment is to call Microsoft support.You can do a clean install, because your reservation of Windows 10 is tied to your Microsoft account, you\’ll just need to skip past the activation, you can download the media creation tool here – of your partitions will be alright if you just do the upgrade. 

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