windows 10 asking for product key

i downloaded media creation tool from microsoft and used it to get the windows 10 iso. im now trying to install it on my computer and it keeps asking for a product key. what do i do. i downloaded the iso so i could load it on both of my computers without having to download it twice. i also want to put it on my ssd when it arrives in a few weeks. how do i get past the product key 

you have to use the upgrade option from inside win 7.sp1/8.1 first. windows 10 will then activate off your win7/8 key.after that you can use the iso and clean install and windows 10 will automatically activate. using the previous activation.if you just clean install from the iso without upgrading first you wil need to buy a your best bet is to reinstall win7.sp1/8.1 and choose upgrade. 

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