Windows 7 product key is one character short it seems??

HiI have just formatted my girlfriends laptop and reinstalled windows 7 ultimate. There is no windows product key sticker anywhere on the laptop or under the battery etc. so I used a program to find the product keys on the computer, which it seemed to do fine.When I entered the product key just now it says it is wrong. I also tried it online and realised it is only 24 characters long, and the last group of characters seems to be one short. This is very odd as I just copied it straight from the program so have no idea how I could have deleted one character! I tried entering every different letter and number on the end as I thought surely it had to be one of them. But that didnt work!!Any ideas what I can do? I\’m in a bit of a desperate hurry as she leaves the country in a few days and I thought I was doing her a favour but now seem to be in a mess!!!- Is there any other way to find my product key now I have formatted?- Why did trying every letter and number on the end not work?Thanks :) 

A "small cheap Acer" would not have come with Win 7 U. The license alone is worth more than the laptop was.Genuine laptop or not…that is not a genuine Win 7 license. 

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