Windows 7 Product Key Not Valid?

Hi,I am in a bit of trouble here and i need some assistance. What\’s happened is recently i completely erased everything on my Lenovo T61 laptop as i decided i wanted to sell it. After doing so my laptop is stuck in grub mode where it says no such partition exists. This is down to me completely erasing everything by mistake. Now what i\’ve been told by others is that i need to re install Windows 7 on it again as this is what was originally running on it. So i\’ve tried downloading Windows 7 on to my PC where am asked to verify my copy of Windows 7 by entering the product key. I got the product key from the sticker underneath the laptop but when i enter it in and try and verify it, it says the product key not valid. I\’ve tried it a couple of times and it\’s not working and i don\’t know what to do. I\’ve also asked this same question on the Microsoft help forum and am still awaiting a reply. If anyone on here can help i would really appreciate it, i really hope i haven\’t messed the laptop up for good:-(Thanks 

Is the win 7 install media retail or oem? Is the install media the correct version(home, pro, etc)? 

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