Windows freeze after I press windows key

Windows completely freeze when i want to go to the desktop by pressing windows key when i\’m in a game. It happens to all game that i have played. I\’m using ssd hard disk. And the turn off hard disk option have been set to never 

AliffAfnan : The letter key doenst freeze the laptop. Only windows key / alt + tab. /alt + f4 and exiting the game Hello againI just went through a few threads online for you. One of which says that the most recent Windows 10 update has some issues and needs to be fixed.I would recommend that you back up your important data and try rolling back to the previous built. You can do so by uninstalling any recent updates Windows has installed on the PC.If the issue persists, you can update your Windows again to come back to the latest version.Please report back with the results and we\’ll try to provide you with more appropriate solution.Good Luck!! 

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