Windows key act's like it's sticking

Hi! I\’ve been having this problem for a really long time now, and never found out what the problem is. Rarely, when I\’m playing a game or doing general web browsing, any key I hint will do whatever it is programed to do as a windows shortcut. So if I hit "R", it will open the run command. If I hit "M", it will minimize all windows, even though I\’m not holding down the windows key. I always have to restart my computer in order to fix it, which really sucks if I\’m in the middle of a game.My keyboard is a Razer Blackwidow Chroma. I\’ve been meaning to buy a new keyboard because Razer is utter garbage, but will that fix the issue?Thanks,- Ryan 

Not from the testing I just tried out. After enabling and disabling it, the pop up keeps coming back. There\’s no check box for "don\’t show this again" or anything like that. Also you have to hit the windows key before the E or R or whatever command you\’re trying to do. So unless sticky keys completely freaks out on you, you should not only hear it activate but have to actively be hitting the right keys. Either way, for Win10 you can go here to check settings. Control Panel\\Ease of Access\\Ease of Access Center\\Make the keyboard easier to use 

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