Hi everyone,My mother asked me to look at her laptop, since it suddenly told her her windows license was about to expire.It\’s a second hand laptop with windows 10 installed on it through the vendor. It seems like that it was a volume key, and now I\’m not really sure what to tell my mother.I\’m pretty sure KMS keys shouldn\’t be sold to individuals, so I\’m hesitant to tell my mother to just take it back to the vendor, since they might try to sell her another key or just solve the problem for another 180 days. But it\’s also entirely possible that I\’m just making assumptions based on incomplete information, and they just forgot to properly activate her license.Could someone please tell me whether she should find another computer store or if I\’m just overreacting, and nothing is out of the ordinary. Thanks in advance! 

Did the laptop ship with Windows 10 originally? Does it say "activated with a digital entitlement"? Windows 10 doesn\’t have a "trial" period like prior OS(s) did…….. it would never say "activated" and then un-activate.It\’s possible Windows was installed with a key obtained from a less than legit source…. and the key has now been blacklisted, but I wouldn\’t expect any advanced warning for it\’s expiration.You could use the "live chat" functionality with Microsoft and ask for further info – they might be able to give you more solid info as to why you\’re being deactivated. They may even fix the issue for you…. but that\’s a long shot.Personally, I would speak to the store she purchased it from. Go with her. Don\’t purchase a new key, and I\’d personally insist on watching what they do to activate it (maybe they\’re using a program that\’ll spoof activation?). If they sold a laptop with which included \’activated, legit, Windows 10\’, they should be prepared to rectify.Failing that, all you can really do is purchase a legit key from MS directly, and activate it yourself – although if there\’s any debate over the stores repute, then a clean install would be recommended too! 

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