Windows Key Stops Working

My windows key stops working whenever I sign into my account in windows 10.I have a MSI GT72VR. What\’s strange is that it works in the sign in screen and I\’m able to change my keyboard language using the windows key+spacebar. Once signed in, I\’m still able to to use in for a short period of time before the keyboard lights turn in. Once on, it doesn\’t respond.When I was experimenting with the problem, I found out that if a keep typing the windows key when it stops working, it suddenly stops bringing up the home window and the whole keyboard acts as if I\’m having the key pressed all the time, like if it gets stuck or something. Consequently, I\’m not able to type and all the alphanumeric keys bring up its corresponding shortcut.I\’ve looked up for a solution online and followed some, like updating my keyboard drivers, my windows, and troubleshooting, but to no avail.I want to think it\’s not a hardware problem since it works fine before signing in and before all the background apps start up.I also thought that the SteelSeries Engine might be the cause of this because I recently updated it. However, I also tried to disable the app on startup but it doesn\’t make a difference.I\’ve also tried assigning the windows key to another key in the Steelseries Engine just to see if it would work but it still doesn\’t.I hope I\’ve given enough information to pinpoint the problem and a possible solution.Thanks in advance 

Could it be this simple: I had the same problem with my GT73VR 6RE, then noticed you can turn the Windows key on/off in the Dragon Center System Tuner.Click to expand… link above sure seems familiarTry doing a clean boot and see if it still happens. If it stops happening, the cause is one of your start up programs, slowly add them to find cause and then fix that – 

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