WINDOWS-KEY STUCK when playing games! (?)

Hello!I have this annoying issue when I play say Rainbow 6 Siege or GTA V:While playing, hitting eg. S, T or G on my keyboard, takes me out of the game and to the desktop, while certain functions pop up, like start menu or text-to-speech etc. Every solution that I have searched for on the web, hasnt worked for me. (windows key stuck, sticky keys….)When I restart my PC, the issue is gone until I start a game…..Specsheet:WIN10 Homei7 3770 nonKGTX 108024GB RAM1TB HDD & SSD 500 GBUsing a Logitech g213 ProdigyThanks in advance :)*Recently restarted my PC to default. 

Hi, that doesn\’t look good… I can feel your pain. Here is several ideas that you haven\’t mentioned trying yet:Did you recently replace a wireless keyboard? If so, the old one could still be turned on and have power left and having something setting on the keys.Have you done a full virus scan recently? Try a full scan in Safe Mode.If Bluetooth is turn on, temporarily turn it off to see if that helps.Make sure you are not in Tablet Mode. You can do this in the Action Center, in the system tray, to the right of the clock.Open Event Viewer and search for any errors with a Red X that happen around the time you have the menu popping up. See if they give you a hint about what the problem might be.Right click on the Taskbar and set the Search to Hidden.Several more possible solutions: your time and really try all of these out, even if they seem stupid or unrelated to the problem you\’re having.More possible solutions: 

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