Windows Product key after Linux Install

So, I\’m planning on installing a Linux distro and I don\’t really want to dual boot at this point in time. I\’m wondering what will happen to the Windows 10 product key after I do this. Will I need another product key if I plan on re-installing Windows 10 in the future? Also, should I save the product key somewhere safe or will the product key be remembered by the BIOS?If it makes a difference, PC was purchased with 7 installed. Then upgraded to 8 and then finally to 10. Apologies if this should be asked in the Linux forum. I wasn\’t sure. 

You don\’t need a product key. You can reinstall windows 10 as many times as you want on this pc.Your pc is registered with MS servers to have activation.If you would want to reinstall windows 10 on a different pc, then it\’s necessary to link your windows 10 license with your MS account. 

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