Windows product key sharing..

I know a product key can be used for activating an OS only once. But if someone comes to know my product key, will they have a chance to hack or something my OS? (Because I most of my friends knows my product key).. 

If they try to activate an OEM (not retail) windows 7 install and use that key, there\’s a 50-50 chance they will be halted with a message that they have to call a toll-free number to verify that the OEM version they are trying to re-use is not installed on another machine. If answered yes, at that point there\’s another 50-50 chance that they will be granted a new license invalidating the previous license… the one you are using.It all depends on how vigilant Microsoft is when allowing an OEM license to be re-used on another machine. I have had no problem doing the above except for one time. That time I had to take one more step, and talk to a rep and explain why I was re-using an OEM license on another machine.You should never share passwords or product keys. 

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