Will there be any Windows 11? All you need to know

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Windows 11 Features and details of what the future version of Windows 11 will be. After the success of Windows 10, and the subsequent updates it has had, it is time to talk about Windows 11 for 2021.

Shortly before Windows 10 was released in 2015, Microsoft’s Jerry Nixon anticipated that this would be the last version of Windows.

The last major update to Windows 10 arrived throughout last October.

However, each Windows product has a certain life cycle, as Microsoft itself mentions in its support information sheet.

Knowing the key dates in this cycle helps you make decisions about when to update as well as when to make other changes to the software . That is why we have prepared this article in which we advance some of the news of what could be Windows 11.

Why is no one talking about Windows 11?

The quick answer would be that at the moment it is not necessary. Although Microsoft did not reach its goal of having Windows 10 deployed on one billion devices over three years, there is no doubt that this current version has been a success.

To reap this success, the company went back to basics, moving away from the look and feel of live tiles that made their appearance with Windows 8, and returning users to the familiarity of a traditional Start Menu and desktop.

In a way, this reliable and familiar design has been the way to regain the trust of users. Windows 10 has marked a change in Microsoft’s strategy, as has the Office 365 subscription service (now Microsoft 365 ).

Somehow, Microsoft has abandoned the big version release bet in favor of offering new updates every six months. Each Windows 10 user gets a series of news in May and November.

Also, there are the typical monthly security updates and bug patches every time they are discovered. This means that Windows 10 has had countless updates since its initial release in July 2015.

Microsoft’s decision to stick with Windows 10 is due in part to the system’s widespread popularity. According to StatCounter , more than 73.14% of all Windows devices run Windows 10, which is 54.7% of all desktop PCs.

Microsoft 365 subscription

Currently Windows 10 does not follow the Microsoft 365 subscription model at the software level. The operating system is considered critical to the way a device works, so you can keep updating as long as you have a W10 device.

This means that devices now running Windows 10 are unlikely to not be compatible with a future update, as the main limiting factor for a device is slowdowns that a more advanced operating system cannot handle.

You have probably seen a concept video on Windows 11 online , but in reality, Microsoft could gradually implement many of these features in Windows 10 without the need for such a relevant new version.

To this day, Microsoft remains focused on optimizing Windows 10 for all types of devices, including those with dual screens, including its Surface Neo. This is everything you need to know about Windows 10 and Windows 7: Which is better? .

Will we have a Windows 11 shortly? How would it be? He and youtuber  Kamer Kaan Avdan,  who previously created concept videos for updated versions of  Windows 95 ,  Windows XP,  and  Windows 7 ( among others) has posted a new video showing his vision of Windows 11.

Latest version of Windows

Microsoft said at the launch of Windows 10 that it would be “the latest version of Windows.  It is one of the possible software release formats and has been used for years by a good part of Linux distributions under the rolling release concept  .

An interesting method, no doubt, but one that requires more control when launching versions. After the fiasco of the October update , coupled with the equally disastrous spring update, there are many who believe that Microsoft must make profound changes . Either improve the whole current process or change the strategy of “one last version of Windows”.

This is where that Windows 11 would come in, which, incidentally, should solve other issues than the development model. Avdan proposes his own concept for the “next generation of Windows” . It is focused on the user interface, but it looks very cool.

It includes curved layouts, a reimagined start menu (still with optional tiles), smart animations, and – something Windows 10 users can only dream of – a truly consistent layout . It features a redesigned search, a cool-looking dark mode,  and adaptive cursors. In a nod to the past, this Windows 11 concept includes a stylish Windows XP theme.

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