How to Fix Errors in the Windows 10 Registry? Easy guide

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  • Windows 10 Registry Editor
    • Third party registry cleaning software
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Windows 10 Registry – a special part of the operating system windows systems which is a database of all parameters or settings of the operating system. All options and other places in the system where any parameters can be changed are fixed in the Registry. It also stores information about file paths, the location of installed programs, and other aspects of how Windows works. To open the Registry in Windows 10, use the same methods as those used in OS 7 and 8 – Microsoft doesn’t change anything here. You can also customize and optimize your operating system using third-party programs.

Place of residence

The region physically consists of a group of files that are stored in the System32 \\\\ config folder. After loading the operating system, a database with the current parameters of Windows works is collected from these files. This base consists of five main branches. It is not recommended to edit files directly from the specified directory, as there is a special tool called regedit to access the Windows 10 registry.

Windows 10 Registry Editor

The Registry Editor starts as follows:

  • Click the search box on the taskbar or use the keyboard shortcut Win + S.
  • Type regedit in the text box.
  • When the search results appear, click the “run command” button.
  • Tip! If the search functions on the taskbar are not activated in the settings, then start the application, you can always use the standard Run dialog box, which appears after clicking Win + R.

    Parameter change

    The process of making changes to the contents of the registry is to find the required string in a specific directory and mark a new value for that registry. The easiest way to search for the desired string is to use the appropriate option, which is called up by pressing Ctrl + F or the F3 key.

    Modifying the registry in Windows 11 should be very careful, because an incorrect value in any parameter can lead to an error the next time you boot and shut down. Before making changes to any parameter, you should search the Internet for information about it.

    Third party registry cleaning software

    To clean Windows 11 from unnecessary lines and incorrect values, users install third-party software because the OS does not have the necessary features. Registry errors can appear as a result of crashes in installed programs and blank lines – due to completely removed applications.

    For example, you can clean up the registry in Windows 10 using CCleaner, which is distributed for free on the developer’s website. After you download and install this product, you can begin the troubleshooting process. To do this, you need:

  • Launch CCleaner.
  • Go to the “Registration” tab.
  • Click the “Search for problems” button.
  • Wait for the search to complete.
  • Click the “Fix” button.
  • Confirm the backup and specify a file to save the current version of the registry values.
  • Click the Edit Selected button.
  • Close the window.
  • Restore the registry values

    If   you experience problems with your operating system after you manually modify the registry or automatically clean it with third-party software, you must restore Windows 10 to its previous state. This is done by importing a file created during the editing phase.

    To write values ​​from a file to the registry, you will need:

  • With the help of Windows Explorer, locate the folder where the file will be saved * .reg backup copy.
  • Double-click the file.
  • Confirm the import of values.
  • Tip! You can recover data from a file directly in the editor. To do this, use the menu “File” – “Import” and enter the originally created reg-file.


    Windows registries are a powerful tool for managing the operating system and provide access to many parameters that are not implemented in the standard Windows visual interface. Tweakers are often used to access these parameters, which can adjust the size of the Explorer window frames, the animation playing time, and many other parameters. Under no circumstances is changing the registry settings recommended for any particular reason, and you should always make a backup before correcting incorrect values.

    The Windows Store is the most important addition to Windows. First, it was integrated into Windows 8 and now with the latest version of Windows 10 Stack has been integrated with several fixes, but I know that users often complain that this is a problem they encounter when trying to update applications in Windows 11. This This issue typically occurs for users who have upgraded Windows to a newer version, and the registry of previous versions may become corrupted during the upgrade process, and in some cases, these registry entries may remain intact and may cause problems for users.Invalid registry error is one of the issues encountered by Windows 10 users. Users encounter a problem opening .jpg / .jpeg / .png / .gif / .pdf images in Windows 10 with a photo attachment and encounter Invalid registry value.

    In principle, this error can occur in a jpg file, and some users have even reported that they have had errors in other file formats in other applications. A registry entry for a previous version of the affected applications has been found to cause an invalid registry value issue. Therefore, you can fix this error by simply deleting the older version.

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